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VPX systems

  • Air-cooled and conduction cooled
  • 1U to 8U chassis, 19 inch and subracks
  • 2 to 12 Slots for 3U and 6U boards, compatible with 0.8-inch, 0.85-inch and 1.0-inch modules
  • Support for Rear Transition Modules (RTMs)
  • Integrated Intel® Xeon® Processor (optional)
  • Integrated Power Supplies
  • Broad range of VPX boards: CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, carriers, DAQ, digital I/O, serial I/O, networking, switches and storage

Download datasheets and contact us for further information!

Air-cooled Chassis for 3U boards: VTX955, VTX880, VTX870, VTX660
Air-cooled Chassis for 3U boards (with Xeon CPU): VTX950, VTX951
Air-cooled Chassis for 6U boards: VTX881
Conduction-cooled Systems: A191, A196

CPU boards and I/O modules